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Pfizer’s president of international developed markets testified before the European Union Parliament that Pfizer did not test its SARS-CoV-2 vaccine for stopping transmission before it entered the market.

A person with minimal intelligence could determine the vaccines did not prevent transmission on the evidence publicly available. Therefore, the testimony raises many questions. Governments around the world approved the vaccine and mandated vaccination. Were the approvals and mandates evidence-based?

Similarly, evidence that vaccines prevent severe illness or mortality is questionable. Therefore, can we expect to learn in the future that Pfizer did not genuinely test the efficacy of the vaccines?

Regulatory authorities rely on information from the developers to approve pharmaceuticals. They do not test products independently. On what information did these regulators base their decisions?

People should have no confidence and public trust in governments that make decisions that impact entire populations without due diligence. However, people will continue to eat up and advocate for whatever their governments serve without a question.

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