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The government must establish and maintain programs to support capital raising or provide capital for domestic innovation to ensure these innovations and inventions remain in the country to develop into prime sources of domestic and export revenue. The government must establish programs to assist start-up enterprises in raising capital from seed to maturity to retain assets.

Investment in innovation is the primary priority for healthy and sustainable economic growth. Investing and supporting innovation creates new and in-demand products and services to generate domestic and export revenue. Entrepreneurs will move to where it is easiest to secure support and funding for their projects. Therefore, if the nation does not have the conditions to innovate and develop products and services, these innovators will move to where they can find the investment, and that economy will reap the benefits.

Innovators and inventors often struggle to raise capital for projects. Innovations and inventions with great potential can struggle to raise money. This difficulty of raising capital is forcing innovators and inventors to look for investors abroad. Entrepreneurs then move to where the support is.

The government must ensure capital raising initiatives are available beyond the seed capital stage. Implementing seed capital initiatives is good. However, losing an asset to another nation because an organisation cannot raise the next round if needed is poor leadership. Ultimately this defeats the purpose of initial capital raising initiatives.

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