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The Australian government will have a referendum to establish what it calls the 'Indigenous Voice to Parliament.' As I understand it, the plan is to release the details of the change after the people of Australia have voted. If the referendum opposes the proposed change, the government can establish the Indigenous Voice to Parliament through the legislative assembly regardless of what the people of Australia decide.

The opposition has asked the Parliamentary leader of the governing party if his party intends to enact legislation to establish the Indigenous Voice to Parliament if the people of Australia oppose it, with no response, indicating the governing party will.

In a democracy, the response from the governing party must be that the decision of the people of Australia is final. The governing party will enact the Indigenous Voice to Parliament regardless of the people's will. It first wants to see if it will be successful in a referendum which will make the process appear democratic.

The people that don't see a problem with that are the bane of society.

# Political Science