September 4, 2020

In a democratic society, All citizens must have the right to protest. A government must not prohibit protest under any circumstances, including circumstances where there is a health and safety risk. If there is a health and safety risk, a government has the responsibility to mitigate and control the risk without obstructing a protest.

A government serves the people, and when a government does not govern to the will of the people, the people may protest. When people protest, the government must respond to the will of the people.

Governments that define themselves as democratic, must not impede a political protest, including a violent protest or when there is a health and safety risk. Such prohibition defines a government as authoritarian.

A government that prohibits a protest against a lock-down, because of the lock-down, is indisputably defined as authoritarian. If there is a health and safety risk, the government must mitigate the risk without impeding the protest.

When a protest escalates to violence, it is due to government inaction and bad leadership. It is the responsibility of the government to respond with leadership and not with law enforcement, even when a protest escalates to violence.